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fresh lemons on a cutting board and Nature's Fusions lemon

Lemon: An Essential Natural Spring Cleaning Ingredient

Lemon: An Essential Natural Spring CleaningSpring-Cleaning Ingredient In case the warmer weather, chirping birds, and budding plants haven’t quite registered, we’re well into springtime at this point. In fact, we’re about ⅔ of the way through it. That means you’re running out of time to do your spring cleaning! Do you have the supplies you […]


Each part of a plant produces essential oils in varying amounts and compositions. Choosing which part of the plant to use is critical in providing the safest, most potent essential oils. We’ve done rigorous research and testing to determine which parts of the plants will bring you the best premium quality oil, and each of […]


Our essential oils come from all over the world, directly from the regions that each plant grows natively. You might ask why we go through the effort of shipping and importing, but think about growing a banana tree in the desert or a cactus in a rainforest. Using indigenous plant sources ensures the best growing […]