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woman's hands on soft surface

How to Incorporate Essential Oils into At-Home Massages

Massages can be some of the most relaxing experiences you can have. Whether you prefer a light touch or deep tissue work, the relief and rejuvenation they offer can be tough to top. You could opt to go to a massage parlor or spa to have a professional work on you, but that can get […]

citrus slices surrounding oil bottles

Which Essential Oils Are Right for Me?

As you start your essential oils journey, there’s a good chance you have some questions. One of the top questions is which oils you should use. Even experienced essential oil users may find themselves wondering what new oils and blend to add to their arsenal. It’s a fair question to ask when you consider the […]

woman tipping bottle of Fire & Ice

Scent Spotlight: Fire & Ice

Between that pesky pandemic and the winter season, a lot of us have packed on more pounds than we’d like. Maybe you’ve already strutted your stuff on the local beach, but it’s never too late to get that fit, toned body you’ve always wanted. Physical activity and exercise are key to healthy living. While important […]

diffuser on plain background

Aromatherapy Essentials: What You Need to Get Started

So, you’ve decided to include aromatherapy in your life. That’s awesome! Aromatherapy can be a great holistic way to give your life a bit of a boost in quality. In order for you to get started with aromatherapy, however, there are some essential supplies that you’ll need to help you succeed. Diffuser One of the […]

Helichrysum Flowers

Bring Home the Gold with Helichrysum!

Sunday, June 20th was the longest day of 2021, or in other words, the day filled with the most sunshine of the year. Naturally, we found it fitting to spotlight helichrysum, a flowering plant that earned its sunny name through its bright and enduring color. The word helichrysum, pronounced in American English as heh-luh-kri-sm, is […]

a relaxed model smelling Dragon’s Breath

A Beginner’s Guide to Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy. Maybe you’ve heard people talk about all the amazing, sometimes miraculous-sounding benefits they’ve experienced with aromatherapy. Maybe you’re curious to know if it can offer you similar benefits. Maybe you’re just looking for a way to elevate your life. Whatever the reason, let’s get to know the aromatherapy basics before you dive in. What […]

purple sunset at a beach

4 Stress Management Techniques Elevated with Aromatherapy

Sooner or later, stress gets the better of all of us. It’s to be expected, really, considering everything life throws our way. Between keeping up with work, family, friends, personal hygiene, healthy eating, housekeeping, getting enough sleep, and everything else we’re supposed to do in life, getting overwhelmed and stressed by it all happens to […]

Refreshing Wind bottle in the foreground of a landscape view from a mountain

Scent Spotlight: Refreshing Wind

The speed at which things take place these days is enough to make your head spin. As a result, people are busier than ever before trying to keep up with this fast-paced world. With everything that gets piled on, it’s easy to become burnt out by the constant need to stay focused to avoid falling […]

bumpy bergamot fruit sliced open

You Ought to Know Bergamot

The Italian bergamot is an exotic and unique fruit, and is certainly not something you’d find at your everyday grocery store. Although it sometimes referred to as a bergamot orange, its bumpy green peel and oblong appearance set it apart from garden-variety oranges. The name bergamot is derived from the Italian word bergamotta and the […]