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Scent Spotlight: Dragon’s Breath

Scent Spotlight: Dragon’s Breath

Towards the end of 2019, word began to spread about a new illness that was making its way across the world. Before the first quarter of 2020 had passed, the coronavirus pandemic had begun to ravage the United States, shutting down businesses and upending lives. Aside from the economic devastation wrought by the virus, it […]

Why Nature’s Fusions?

Why Nature’s Fusions? PUTTING PEOPLE AND THE PLANET ABOVE PROFITS We’re not in the business of making a quick buck. We’re in the business of improving people’s lives through pure, natural products and providing accurate, honest information regarding natural health. Our mission is to inspire and assist people on their journey to optimal wellness. Nature’s […]

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Time to Shine – Tips for Beautiful, Radiant Skin

Everyone wants to have beautiful, clear, youthful skin. There’s even an entire industry built around that one desire. Given the tendency to let your skin soak up the sun when the weather warms, it’s only natural to have some concerns about how yours looks. Taking good care of your skin is one of the most […]

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Scent Spotlight: Cooling Water

It’s hard to overstate just how important your skin is. In matters of both health and beauty, your skin has a huge role to play. It makes sense that special attention should be given to its care. Common sense suggests that overexposure to the sun can only be damaging, hence the constant advice to wear […]

Fight Boredom On The Road

Fight Boredom on the Road

Road trips can be great, as long as you have enough things to keep those restless kids occupied. They can also be loooooooooooooong. While adults and older children can usually keep themselves entertained, it’s a different story for little kids. And as anyone who has ever spent time in a car with an unhappy child […]

Eucalyptus - A Tale Of Two Sisters

Eucalyptus – A Tale of Two Sisters

Life has a wonderful way of creating diversity and variation. Even two siblings born from the same parents can have incredibly different appearances, strengths, and personalities. With this in mind, we wanted to introduce you to two types of eucalyptus trees. Like two sisters, they share similar genetic roots and features, but they also have […]


A Hair What?

You’ve heard of a face mask—the exfoliating, softening, moisturizing ones usually paired with cucumbers. But have you heard of a hair mask? Hair does so many things for us. It provides a bit of insulating warmth in the winter and shade from the sun in the summer (for the areas it covers, anyway). It’s a […]

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Scent Spotlight: Icicle

With hot weather, the blazing sun, and sunburns left and right, we’re all feeling the heat these days. It’s tough to get away from. And with plenty of summer left to come, everyone’s looking for ways to beat the heat. After all, you can’t exactly cart your own air conditioning unit around with you everywhere […]

Can You Spell Neroli?

Can You Spell Neroli?

Well, we had a whole post planned for today, but then we heard that essential oils were causing hiccups in the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Don’t worry, before I got into essential oils, young Chaitra on this year’s spelling bee wasn’t the only one to misspell this tricky word. You know citruses, but have […]

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Can You Name the Queen of Essential Oils?

Welcome back! Here at Nature’s Fusions we love all our essential oils, and delight in their different smells and uses. In some ways, every essential oil is like a lovely contestant in a beauty contest. Some, such as Cedarwood and Eucalyptus, are strong and spicy, while others, such as Blue Tansy and Helichrysum, are quite […]