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woman sleeping in bed

Having Trouble Sleeping? Tips for Sound Sleeping

The modern age has brought about numerous improvements to virtually every part of life. Cooking, cleaning, working, researching, and more – all have benefited from inventions and improvements that have vastly accelerated the pace at which tasks can be accomplished. With all of that, you might think that we’d have an easier time sleeping. Alas, […]

Extract Essential Oils

Top 3 Methods to Extract Essential Oils

When using essential oils, it’s natural to wonder where they come from. Of course, we know that Lemon oil comes from lemons and Lavender from those lavender flowers. But how do get the essence out of all of that plant matter; squeeze it like an orange, steep it like herbs, or wave a magic wand? […]

Blending For Beginners

Blending for Beginners – How To Create Your Own Essential Oil Blends

Ever wondered how to make your own essential oil blends? The Nature’s Fusions founder, David, started with this question a long time ago..  For years, he’s cranked out dozens of essential oil blends with a specific purpose, sometimes even a specific person, in mind. See a need, fill a need is the motto we work […]

soap bubbles on hand

Prepare for Back-to-School Germs

The new school year is upon us. School is a wonderful opportunity for learning and growth in so many aspects of life. There’s the practical brain stretching, of course, but there is also social and emotional growth that takes place. Unfortunately, not all growth is a good thing. With hordes of sweaty, emotional, sneezy children, […]

classroom with desks chairs and blackboard

Back to School Tips

It’s hard to believe it, but the new school year is upon us! The beginning of a new year is packed with a ton of things to do, purchases to make, and schedules to line up. It can get a bit overwhelming if you leave everything to the last minute. Do yourself a favor and […]

relaxing on pier with lantern

Tips to Unwind and Avoid Burnout

There’s no two ways about it – life is stressful. With inflation, the ongoing pandemic that doesn’t actually appear to be going away, the demands of employment, the need to take care of yourself, increased costs of living, and the needs and desires of friends and family, it’s no wonder that we’re all feeling more […]

eye of the storm on mat

Scent Spotlight: Eye of the Storm

If you stop to think about everything you have on your to-do list, just how massive is it? How many tasks do you try to juggle and how many hats do you try to wear at the same time at any given moment of any given day? Does the thought of it leave you feeling […]

cinnamon sticks

Cinnamon: Fragrant Bark with a Yummy Bite!

When you hear the word “cinnamon,” you may initially imagine a thin small cinnamon stick no more than three or four inches long. However, Nature’s Fusions Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil is distilled from the smooth bark of the evergreen Ceylon cinnamon tree (Cinnamomum verum, formerly Cinnamomum zeylanicum), which can reach as high as 45 feet […]


When you receive the final product in the palm of your hand, you can be sure you are getting the best of the best when it comes to essential oils and other all-natural products. We are genuinely committed to providing you with the products and information necessary to assist you on your journey to optimal […]


As part of our commitment to quality, we have all of our incoming oils and outgoing products rigorously third-party tested at one of the leading testing facilities in the United States. All product pages on our website link directly to the GC-MS testing reports. These testing reports show you exactly what’s in the oils you […]