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Scent Spotlight: Birch

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Scent Spotlight: Birch

What better scent to introduce fall into your home with than Birch essential oil? Surely, there’s a myriad of oils, such as Cinnamon Bark, Dragon’s Breath and Bergamot that could bring the essence of fall into your home, but with Birch’s unique and warm aroma, this oil will definitely stand out and create the autumn atmosphere you seek.

About the Oil

For hundred years, Native Americans have pounded the bark of the Betula lenta tree to make warming, sweet teas from it. Today, Nature’s Fusions steam-distills the bark of Russian birch trees to give the birch essential oil a sweet scent. The scent will likely to remind you of a sweet, Wintergreen smell. The birch oil also has similar properties to the Wintergreen essential oil in its warming properties. The oil is mostly used on sore or tense muscles.


Birch has amazing warming properties that make the birch essential oil great to add to massage oils. When applying to skin, always dilute Birch with a carrier oil; even very oily skin can become quite dry with direct contact to the essential oil. With that in mind, here are some other ways to take full advantage of the Birch essential oil:

  • Gently massage a couple drops onto your neck and shoulder to relieve tension
  • Apply topically to warm sore muscles
  • Diffuse to promote clarity

In addition, birch has a large concentration of salicylates. This is comparable to aspirin and blood thinners. Due to this, keep the Birch essential oil out of children's’ reach and avoid use while pregnant.

The Birch essential oil is sure to release some of that tension that we build up throughout our days. With its warming abilities, you are sure to feel its calming and soothing effects of the birch oil this autumn in your home.