Scent Spotlight: Fire & Ice Blend

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Scent Spotlight: Fire & Ice Blend

The powerful warming and cooling ingredients in Fire & Ice join forces to produce an effect that’s simultaneously energizing and calming. Rather than working against each other, the elements of the blend collaborate to create a solution that can promote clear-headedness, soothe tired or injured muscles and promote instant calming.



  • Marjoram’s heating effects contribute to the warming sensation that can be felt after applying the Fire & Ice Blend. Aches associated with old age, everyday pains and sports injuries are soothed with marjoram’s heating properties.
  • Wintergreen oil, which is made from steam-distilling the leaves of the gaultheria procumbens plant, may sound like it has a chilling effect, but it actually has the opposite. Wintergreen’s heating ability works in conjunction with marjoram to create a powerful treatment for sore muscles caused by working out, overexertion and arthritis.



  • You know the icy sensation in your mouth after biting into a candy cane? The same cooling effect occurs with peppermint essential oil. Peppermint’s high concentration of menthol, a cooling agent, causes inflamed skin to feel cool and relieved. It also soothes headaches when applied at the temples and back of the neck.


Other Ingredients:
Several other oils are included in Fire & Ice and contribute to its heating and cooling effects:

  • Basil is a common ingredient in massage oils. It has a slightly warming effect and calms overactive or tender muscles.
  • The ever-popular lavender oil relaxes muscles, diminishes stress and subdues aches and strains.
  • Clary sage can help to manage muscle pain, including sport strains and muscle spasms.
  • Roman chamomile soothes feelings of stress and tense muscles resulting from stress.
  • Helichrysum has been used for centuries to calm volatile emotions and negative energy. Additionally, it can mitigate effects of injured skin and soothe painful areas.


To Use:

Simply mix Fire & Ice with the carrier of your choice, then massage it into the injured area and enjoy the relief that follows. This blend is ideal for athletes because its ingredients encourage healing and relief. We recommend it be a part of every athlete’s first aid arsenal. Immediate application can make an enormous difference.

Always do your part to prevent injuries by stretching properly and drinking enough fluids prior to and during your sporting event or workout.

The Fire & Ice Blend also works well on headaches caused by tension, stress and more. Tense muscles can be soothed by massaging the blend onto your temples and the back of your neck, or other topical locations. The warming and cooling ingredients of the Fire & Ice Blend will increase blood flow and soothe tired skin, and the invigorating scents will encourage clarity and mental strength.

Finding yourself with frequent headaches and migraines? Try to find potential sources or triggers to prevent future ones from occurring.


The Fire & Ice Blend can help you perform your best by encouraging healing and a more peaceful state of mind. Whether you’re an all-star athlete, or an average oil enthusiast dealing with another muscle-related malady, the Fire & Ice Blend can help you find the relief you need.