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The powerful warming and cooling ingredients in Fire & Ice join forces to produce an effect that’s simultaneously energizing and calming. Rather than working against each other, the elements of the blend collaborate to create a solution that can promote clear-headedness, soothe tired or injured muscles and promote instant calming.   Fire: Marjoram’s heating effects contribute to the warming sensation that can be felt after applying the Fire & Ice Blend. Aches associated with old age, everyday pains and sports injuries are soothed with marjoram’s heating properties. Wintergreen oil, which is made from steam-distilling the leaves of the gaultheria procumbens...

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Essential oils can be effective and safe in preventing unwanted critters from sneaking into your home and disrupting your yard and garden. Want to keep ants away from your picnic? Give these essential oil tips a try!   Geranium Geranium’s sweet smell appeals to many people, but deters many insects. You could plant geranium flowers, but if you don’t have a green thumb, essential oils can do the trick. Geranium essential oil is great for keeping flies, mosquitoes, and ticks away. Diffusing geranium oil or applying it topically can protect against bugs while you’re outside enjoying your yard, as well...

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