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Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your favorite cosmetic products? If so, you know that many contain dozens of unpronounceable chemicals and potentially harmful components. These DIY hair and makeup products include items you likely already have in your home. Let’s get started! Hair Mask Damaged hair can result from over-processing, overuse of hot tools (curling irons and straighteners), too much time in the sun, age and many other factors. This nourishing mask can help revive your tired strands and restore your hair to a healthier state. You’ll need: 5 drops Rosemary essential oil 5 drops Lavender essential...

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Modern household cleaners can contain a startling amount of harmful chemicals. This knowledge has caused many people to look for alternative cleaning methods that have a more natural ingredient list. Read on to learn how you can create these simple -- yet effective -- cleaning solutions.     Cinnamon Bark In ancient times, cinnamon bark was used medicinally by the Chinese to improve circulation and warm the body. Today, we not only utilize cinnamon as a healing aid, but also a protectant for cleaning. Its antimicrobial and antibacterial effects make it an excellent addition to cleaning mixes. To use: Purify...

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Over the past few days, we’ve noticed that the grass is turning green, flower buds are beginning to appear, and days are getting brighter and warmer. After a cold, snowy winter, there’s nothing better than stepping outside, feeling the sun on your face, and hearing the birds start to sing again. It’s a beautiful time of the year; a time to try new things, live up to your new year resolutions, and brave the great outdoors.Like it or not, spring is here—and with it: allergy season. Although we can’t stop the pollen from tickling your nose, we can recommend a...

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