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Essential Oils, Eucalyptus, Oregano, Peppermint, Strength Blend, Sweet Basil, Tea Tree -

Over the past few days, we’ve noticed that the grass is turning green, flower buds are beginning to appear, and days are getting brighter and warmer. After a cold, snowy winter, there’s nothing better than stepping outside, feeling the sun on your face, and hearing the birds start to sing again. It’s a beautiful time of the year; a time to try new things, live up to your new year resolutions, and brave the great outdoors.Like it or not, spring is here—and with it: allergy season. Although we can’t stop the pollen from tickling your nose, we can recommend a...

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Essential Oils, Lavender -

Lavender is one of the oldest essential oils in recorded history. In ancient times, lavender oil was used in Egyptian burial rituals, Roman baths, and Biblical ceremonies. Since then, we’ve learned so much more about lavender oil’s many useful properties and applications! Today, here are five of the most useful properties of lavender essential oil: 1. Reduces anxiety & emotional stress Relaxation has long been known as one of lavender’s most beneficial properties. A staple used in spas and aromatherapy clinics worldwide, it’s no surprise that lavender the most popular essential oil sold today. So, If you need a little...

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