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Hemp Discontinued

Transition To ProHEMP

We are so excited to help you transition from Nature’s Fusions Hemp and CBD to our amazing new line of Hemp products called ProHEMP. We know they look different, smell different, and even cost different, but we are here to help make the transition as smooth as possible!

NF Wholesale Hemp Discontinued

The Company: We are still here. It’s still the same people behind the curtain, we just needed to separate all hemp and CBD products from Nature’s Fusions. So ProHEMP is a completely new company (just with all the same people). You can even place orders for Nature’s Fusions essential oils and ProHEMP products in the same phone call if you’d like!

This is a NEW, more comprehensive line! Products may look similar, but they are ALL different. ProHEMP competes with high-end companies that offer the BEST of the best. You’ll find that our new formulas with organic MCT oil taste better, act faster, last longer, and have higher concentrations.

Can’t find the 500mg or 2000mg you’ve used before? Get the same benefit out of either our potent 1000mg bottle or high-concentration 3000mg bottle. Get a better deal and higher concentration with ProHEMP!

We know this transition might be frustrating or tricky, but we’d like to offer our assistance. Call us any time to talk about how we can best support you through this transition. We’d like to help with whatever you need.

Hemp Discontinued FAQs


Is ProHEMP the same company?

No. ProHEMP LLC is separate from Nature’s Fusions.

Is ProHEMP the same people?

Yes! Place orders for Nature’s Fusions and ProHEMP in the same phone call!

Is this Nature’s Fusions CBD rebranded?

No. ProHEMP is a completely new line of high quality hemp products.

What about that Nature’s Fusions CBD/hemp product that I loved?

Look through the offerings of ProHEMP. You will find some products that line up with the original Nature’s Fusions line. But everything is better! Better tasting, better looking, with that natural combination of herbs and hemp that you already fell in love with.