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woman smiling

Helpful Hints for Happy Living

When you stop and think about your life, how do you feel about it? Most of us say we want to be happy, but are we? Given the amount of time, money, and energy that is devoted to the pursuit of happiness, it’s a crying shame that more of us aren’t happy. The truth is […]

tent set up in a woodland clearing

Planning a Camping Trip? How to Keep the Bugs from Biting

With summertime fast approaching, camping season is getting well underway. The chance to spend some time out in nature, appreciating the beauty and serenity it offers can be too much to pass up. Unfortunately, it also exposes you to bugs that would like nothing more than to give you a nibble or two. So, what […]

cedar pine cones

Branching Out with Cedarwood Oil

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, and many wives and children are on the annual quest to find a token of affection for their husband, father, grandfather, or father figure. With the growing popularity of DIY, many present-seekers opt for handmade gifts, such as a bar of soap or scented candle, to ensure that their offering […]

red garlic cloves

Garlic: A Delicious Defense

Have you ever diced up a clove of garlic and wondered why its distinct scent lingered on your fingertips for hours (or even days) after? We’re here to shed some light on garlic’s origins and the unique chemistry that gives it such a popular taste and persistent smell. An Ingenious Ingredient Garlic is a popular […]