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Our Timeline

January Products
Natures Fusions Is Founded

The first blends and oils are made by hand.

April Bottles
Nature's Fusions First Label
appearance of 2010 labels

We've come along way with more than just our products. Our labels and logo have changed drastically to match the improvements of our products. Check out our first label and bottles!

October Products
Inventory Begins To Grow
shelves of product in 2010
June Growth
Inventory and Sales Keep Rising

Another year passes and business continued to grow. At this time Nature's Fusions was beginning to outgrow its location in the Peterson's basement.

April Growth
The Growth Continues

More orders require more inventory and cause less space. Plans for expansion start to become a necessity.

April Growth
1000th Sale!

After making our 1000th sale a celebration was at hand. It seemed so incredible and amazing to have made 1000 sales. Little did we know the potential for Nature's Fusions and what it would soon become.

May Conferences
Our First Conference

Getting our name out there was an important step for Nature's Fusions, our first conference was in 2013 and was a great launch to get our name out.

May Bottles
New Label and Bottles
Frankincense, Lavender, and Dragon's Breath in 2013 style labels
April Products
New Product Line

Much of our Essential Oils are now developed and the true image of our brand begins to take form.

May Growth
In Store Presence Continues to Grow

A large part of Nature's Fusions market is found through our distributors. We have stores around the U.S.A selling our products on their shelves.

April Growth
First in Store Displays

Trying to sell more product off the shelves of our distributors, we decide to try to design and build a display for our bottles. Our first mockups and products were entirely made by hand here in our offices!

April Growth
New Display

As we grew we were able to take our handmade displays and turn them into wooden masterpieces. The display was beautiful and showed our attention to detail.

May Growth
New Offices and Warehouse

Our expansion began to outgrow our ability to work from home. It was time we grew up and moved into our own place.

May Technology
Technology Update

Although we loved bottling our oils by hand, it was time we invested in ourselves to keep up with increasing sales.

April Growth
Consumer Sales Push

Although many of our products have been sold online since the beginning, 2018 would bring the beginning of our push towards direct consumer sales.

Part of which included our efforts to get our name out through social media.

April Growth
Marketing Team

Bringing together Graphic Designers, Photographers, Market Experts, and Developers we began to really push our products to you!

We want you to have the best products delivered right to your door. No middle man!

September Technology
New Website Launch

As our big first step towards consumer sales, we built this site! We hope it's user friendly and can help you with your product purchases!