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Essential Oils for Focus

Find Your Focus

In today’s hectic world, there could be any number of scenarios in which you might desperately need a little extra boost of concentration. Maybe you are a college student burning the midnight oil to study for multiple exams. Or you might be a busy mom with young kids, which means that the only time you can get anything done is late into the night. You could be desperately trying to fulfill a work deadline, staring into a computer screen for hours on end. Whatever the reason, if you are tired, groggy, overwhelmed, or your mind keeps wandering, essential oils for focus are there to keep you going in a natural, healthy way.

One way that essential oils can help you focus better is as environmental cues. When it is focus time, eliminate your distractions and pull out the essential oils. If you do this consistently, your brain will begin to associate your scent of choice with deep concentration. With time, it will become easier to slip naturally into that focused state whenever you diffuse that particular oil. 

This works because your sense of smell is directly connected to your amygdala—your emotional brain, and your hippocampus—the neural area that processes cognition and memory. Because of this brain/scent connection, you can condition your brain to automatically respond in a specific way to a certain smell. 

In addition to acting as environmental cues, there are several essential oils with focus-increasing properties. Rosemary and Basil stimulate brain activity, boost your memory, help you feel more alert. Peppermint can reduce brain fog and help you to think more clearly. It also increases your alertness when you are groggy. If anxious thoughts are causing your wandering mind, citrussy oils like Orange, Lemon, and Lime help people to relax. Finally, two of our best blends for concentration are our floral and warm Eternal Flame, and our woodsy, cool Refreshing Wind.

Concentrate On Your Breathing

Your best tool for increasing your focus and calming a scattered mind is as close to you as your next breath. Learning to slow down, deepen, and concentrate your breathing is one of the best ways to improve your mental focus. Because breathing is an involuntary biological activity, it is easy to assume that people are born knowing how to do it correctly. We are born knowing how to breathe correctly, but we tend to unlearn it as we grow up. It is interesting to note that Indigenous peoples tend to be far more adept at breathing than those living in developed nations. This would suggest that our busy, stressful lives might have something to do with our ineptitude at breathing the right way. 

Industrialized nations tend to produce mouth breathers who take in shallow, quick breaths. The best way to breathe is through your nose, slowly pulling air all the way down the belly, allowing your diaphragm to contract, and then slowly releasing the air back through your nose. This kind of deep breathing is a powerful tool for calming your mind and efficiently oxygenating each cell in your body, including your brain. 

With the help of essential oils, you can learn how to concentrate your breathing by staying more grounded, calming an agitated mind, and relieving nasal congestion. 

Staying Grounded

To be grounded means that you are fully present, centered, and have a strong mind-body connection. When you are grounded, you feel whole, secure, and at peace. Vetiver, Cedarwood, Cypress, Sandalwood, Myrrh, and Frankincense are all grounding oils. Try our grounding blend Vertigo for relief on dizzying days!

Being Calm

A focused mind is a calm mind. Most people live in a chaotic internal space and need a little help to fully enter a relaxed state. Some of the best oils for promoting a sense of calm are Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Lavender, and Rose. Additionally, Eye Of The Storm is a powerful relaxing essential oil blend. These scents stimulate your olfactory receptors and signify to your brain that it can finally relax. 

Clearing Your Pathways

Sometimes, the only real inhibitor to centered breathing is a stuffy nose. Thankfully, you can find clarity with Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Oregano essential oils. 

Get Your Second Wind

Sometimes when you struggling to focus, you are simply tired and need to catch your second wind. Refreshing Wind is our special seven oil blend that was formulated to help you feel refreshed. With fresh smelling oils such as Pine, Spruce, Cedarwood, and Peppermint, Refreshing Wind is the perfect blend to wake you up and invigorate your mind. With an alert mind, you can concentrate better and complete your important tasks more quickly. 

Your most important jobs require your undivided attention. When you can’t concentrate, let essential oils for focus offer you a much-needed boost to your mental powers.