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Essential Oils for Clarity

Clarity is an attribute worthy of seeking out, in multiple facets of our lives. We all want clear air to breathe, clear thoughts and feelings to flourish inside of our minds, and a clear path to follow. Essential oils for clarity can help you get there. 

Breath of Fresh Air

One of the best uses for aromatherapy is to improve your mood and support your mental health through smells. Because your sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic system, aromas exert a powerful influence over your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories. Filling your home with the right smells can be a potent mood stabilizer. Read on to discover some of the best essential oils for calming your mind and lifting your spirits.


While chamomile is well-known for helping create a relaxing atmosphere, it can also help with motivation. With increased motivation, you can keep your spirits high as you go about your daily tasks. 


Lavender is one of the most studied essential oils and is often used to calm and relax in stressful circumstances. Its gentle floral scent is a beautifully aromatic addition to any space. 


Earthy, spicy frankincense is a comforting, peaceful essential oil. With warm undertones, it offers a unique cozy feeling. 


Ginger can be used to calm and soothe during times of stress. 


Cedarwood is known for helping with improved focus and relaxation.


With its light, citrusy scent, bergamot helps to lighten and uplift the mood in your home. 

To get the most out of these calming and uplifting essential oils, apply them to your skin with an oil roller or diffuse them with diffuser sticks or a water vapor diffuser. You will be amazed at how freshening the air can refresh your mind. 

Breathe with Crystal Breath

Crystal Breath is one of our special blends mixing a variety of herbaceous oils to provide you with a clarifyingly refreshing experience. Known for opening pathways, increasing mental clarity, and calming the mind, Crystal Breath can help improve your daily experience with breathing. Crystal Breath contains the following pure essential oils: Eucalyptus Dives – used commonly in cough and cold remedies and promotes relaxation. Laurel Leaf – offers clarity and confidence. Peppermint – brings topical cooling and relief for the ability to focus. Ravensara – has a vibrant, refreshing scent that can revitalize. Eucalyptus Radiata – helps clear mental roadblocks and refresh airways. Lemon – the zingy, bright smell of lemon freshens any room and uplifts the darkest gloom. Rosemary – warms, brightens, and stimulates you. It is also used to provide a sense of balance during stressful times. Tarragon – a powerful oil that helps to ground and balance this breathing blend. Tea Tree – also called melaleuca, tea tree has a fresh scent that can cleanse the room and put you into a deeply relaxed state. 

As your mind finds increased clarity, the path of your life will open up before you. Try using essential oils and essential oil blends to clear your mind and enhance your mental focus.