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Natural Essential Oils

If you are new to the life-changing world of essential oils, welcome! If you are an essential oil veteran looking for great quality at a reasonable price, you have finally found it! Either way, we want you to know a little bit more about who we are and why you should become part of the Nature’s Fusions family. 

The Nature’s Fusions Family

Nature’s Fusions is a family business, founded by brothers David and CJ Peterson in 2009. When they started out, they simply wanted access to high quality essential oils without paying out the nose. They understood the power of essential oils and dreamed up the idea of owning a small company, mostly for family and friends. But, as you know, when people discover something truly life-changing, they talk about it! Fast forward 13 years, and Nature’s Fusions has grown into one of the leading manufacturers and providers of 100% pure, natural, authentic essential oils. And yet, through all that growth, Nature’s Fusions is still committed to providing people with premium quality essential oils without costing a fortune.

Just like the Petersons wanted to offer something of real value to their friends and family, Nature’s Fusions desires to do the exact same thing with ours. All that has changed is the number of people we consider to be our friends and family. We view our customers as part of our family. We are all bonded together by a similar passion—wanting the best health possible for ourselves and our families by using nature’s amazing gifts. 

Our promise to you is a threefold commitment of quality, integrity, and caring. 

Forever Guarantee

We are so confident in our products that we offer a forever guarantee. Anyone can return any Nature’s Fusions product at any time, for any reason, FOREVER. 

We want you to have a positive experience with every product you purchase from Nature’s Fusions. Here at Nature’s Fusions, we believe that it is bad business to walk away from any transaction with an unhappy customer. We would never want our family members to be treated that way, which means we would never treat you that way. While we are confident that you will love each product that you buy, you can return any product, for any reason, at any time, forever. 

And when we say any reason, we mean any reason. If you don’t like the smell, return it. If a product doesn’t work for you like you hoped it would, return it. If you suddenly develop an aversion to the look of the bottle itself, return it! 

Who Has the Best Essential Oils?

Of course, we believe that we at Nature’s Fusions have the very best essential oils around. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You can find out for yourself by learning more about how we operate. It is important to us that you understand our high-quality standards and our total commitment to integrity. 

Quality Standards

Our commitment to quality is unrivaled. To back that statement up, we have created the Plant to Palm Promise. The Plant to Palm Promise means that we are committed to the best quality within each phase of production, from planting and harvesting to extracting and packaging—even straight to the palm of your hand. 

We source our oils with the highest potency from healthy plants grown all around the world. Our suppliers use sustainable farming and harvesting methods. Furthermore, we use the best extraction methods for each plant, usually steam distillation. You will never find fillers, carrier oils, dilutants, additives, or residuals in our essential oils or essential oil blends. Finally, we protect our delicate oils from heat, light, and BPA seepage by packaging them in dark amber, glass bottles. From the moment that seed touches the earth to the time it arrives in the palm of your hand, we guarantee premium quality.

Commitment to Integrity

It can be hard to find an honest source for your essential oil needs. Because of limited governmental oversight on natural products, essential oil companies can get away with just about anything. They can and will label a diluted bottle of oil as pure; they can and will mislead you with terms like “pure fragrance;” and they can and will hold sourcing information back. At the same time, some large essential oil corporations use multi-level distribution methods as a way to protect themselves while allowing their distributers to make false or illegal claims about their products. 

Our family has learned first-hand the dangers of this kind of misinformation, and we created Nature’s Fusions to be different. We will not make the false claims made by many essential oil distributers. In fact, we will not make any illegal claims. We will let you know in bold letters that essential oils are not legally intended to cure or treat any illness or disease. We will, however, tell you all about the many amazing benefits that people have found using essential oils and other natural products for a variety of uses, such as house cleaning, smoothing skin, relieving tension, and calming the mind or lifting the spirits.

Because essential oils are not regulated by the FDA, we have instated our own integrity guarantees. We subject all our products to unbiased, third-party testing for quality assurances. We are under no obligation to do this, but we choose to do it for our own peace of mind, and to help you feel confident that you are getting the purity and quality that we promise. 

Welcome to the family! We are so happy that you have finally found an essential oil provider that you can trust. All that is left is to try our essential oils out and see how they can benefit you and your family.