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Pure & Natural Essential Oils

Essential oils are becoming increasingly popular for aromatherapy, meditation, and other wholistic approaches to a healthy lifestyle. While these oils are widely available, it is important to understand that not all brands can deliver on quality, purity, and affordability. Here at Nature’s Fusions, we are committed to all three of those. 

Is It Really 100% Pure?

Yes, our essential oils really are 100% pure. But what does that mean? 100% pure essential oils are extracted from the plants they are labeled for, and they are undiluted and uncontaminated. This means that you can be certain that Nature’s Fusion’s pure essential oils are free of artificial ingredients, fillers, or contaminants. We subject each of our oils to the highest quality control standards around. 

You have every right to wonder if our essential oils really are 100% pure. Many essential oil suppliers sell diluted, low-quality products. Unfortunately, because essential oils aren’t regulated by the FDA, suppliers and distributors alike are not required to prove the quality of their products. They certainly won’t tell you that their oils are part artificial fragrance or alcohol-based filler. 

It can be difficult to discern the copycats from the real thing. However, there are a few clues to watch out for. First, look at the label. The supplier should give you both the Latin and the common name of the plant. Sometimes, low quality oils will only give you the common name. The label should also give you either the country of origin or a lot number that you can look up. 

From the label, go to the list of ingredients. The only ingredients should be the pure, undiluted oils extracted from the plants on the label. If you see the words “fragrance” or “essence,” look out. Essence oil is generally a carrier oil, and fragrance is not the same as an essential oil. 

Next, look at the bottle itself. Responsible suppliers understand that, because essential oils are affected by light, the bottle must be a dark color—usually dark amber. Also, because plastic can bleed through and adulterate pure essential oils, they must be housed in glass bottles. 

Now go to the product itself. If you are informed about what plants can be extracted for their essential oils and which are too delicate, you can spot a fake right away. For example, it is impossible to extract the oils from apple fruit or violet flowers. If you see a bottle of essential oils from a fruit or flower that is impossible to extract, you can know it is not 100% pure essential oil.  

Finally, look at the price. Unreasonably low prices are usually indications that a product is diluted. However, don’t assume that the highest prices are better, either. Those very expensive essential oils that we have all spent far too much money on are not higher quality or more pure. They are simply marked up for the sake of the brand. 

When in doubt, the best indication that an essential oil is 100% pure is third party testing results. 

Third Party Tested for Purity

We are not required to third party test our oils for purity. We do it so that you can be confident in our products. With third party testing, we send our oils to a lab that is unaffiliated with our growers, manufacturers, marketers, or any other aspect of Nature’s Fusions. This means that the results of the tests will be unbiased. We do this to ensure that our oils meet our own high standards, as well as the promises that we make to you. They must be 100% pure, and they must reflect their labels with exactness and precision. 

We are also testing for quality. Even pure essential oils can be low quality. We use only healthy plants, the best extraction and distillation methods, and top-grade packaging materials and processes. 

Because we use third party testing, you can be confident that your Nature’s Fusions pure essential oils will be just that—pure. There will be no alcohols, no filler oils, no artificial colors or fragrances, and no contaminants. We guarantee it. 

Purity = Integrity

At Nature’s Fusions, we believe that our purity is the same as our integrity. There are many different definitions of integrity, but we subscribe to the one given by the Cambridge Dictionary. It defines integrity as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.” We are committed to supplying you with pure, quality products at an affordable price. We will never skimp on quality to maintain our bottom line. We will never change our moral principles. We only want to change the world, one bottle of oil at a time.

One proof of integrity is transparency. As you look through our assortment of pure oils, blends, and other quality products, you will find the third-party test results for each one. Along with the test results, you will also discover the country of origin for each product. We take pride in our products. And we take pride in our integrity. 

With Nature’s Fusions, you can be confident that you are getting pure, unadulterated oils for the best prices. Now that you have found a brand you can trust, it is time to explore our many products to find out which oils are best for you. You will be amazed by the many benefits that await you in the world of pure essential oils.