DIY, Frankincense, Lavender, Lemon, Rosemary, Tea Tree -

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your favorite cosmetic products? If so, you know that many contain dozens of unpronounceable chemicals and potentially harmful components. These DIY hair and makeup products include items you likely already have in your home. Let’s get started! Hair Mask Damaged hair can result from over-processing, overuse of hot tools (curling irons and straighteners), too much time in the sun, age and many other factors. This nourishing mask can help revive your tired strands and restore your hair to a healthier state. You’ll need: 5 drops Rosemary essential oil 5 drops Lavender essential...

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DIY, Stress Relief -

Deadlines. Traffic. Appointments. Work. Everyone needs ways to unwind from the pressures of life, which is why we’re sharing three DIY spa recipes to help you do just that. Each recipe contains essential oils that will allow you to restore and rejuvenate your mind and body. Keep reading to discover the recipes for the relaxation you’ve been craving.   Bath Salts  The recipe for making your own bath salts is virtually stress-free. And even better, adding essential oils to your salts can help you unwind physically, mentally and emotionally. You’ll need: 1 cup epsom salt ½ cup baking soda 20...

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