Crystal Breath
Crystal Breath
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Crystal Breath

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Clear breathing, odor control: This blend opens pathways and increases clarity! A fusion of laurel leaf, lemon, 2 types of eucalyptus, mints, and herbs designed to support healthy breathing.

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Usage Methods

Apply to hands and breathe deeply, diffuse, rub in a 5% dilution on chest or upper lip. Apply sparingly.


Filling a room with Crystal Breath can be a great way to eliminate other odors. Apply to hands and breathe during intense activity or respiratory stress for open thoughts and increased clarity. Some people suffer from asthma, or exercise-induced asthma. During an asthma attack, the airways tighten and close, restricting air supply to the lungs. Oils are not always the answer. Drinking plenty of fluids, slowly warming up to physical activity, practicing active relaxation techniques, and breathing moist, warm air can help reduce dangerous attacks. In a pinch, Crystal Breath works as a topical deodorant. Dilute in water or alcohol and apply sparingly.

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