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Can You Spell Neroli?

Can You Spell Neroli?

Well, we had a whole post planned for today, but then we heard that essential oils were causing hiccups in the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee. Don’t worry, before I got into essential oils, young Chaitra on this year’s spelling bee wasn’t the only one to misspell this tricky word. You know citruses, but have you heard of this sweet oil from bitter oranges that’s commonly used in fragrances? Let’s see what else it’s good for.

For Beauty

All of our essential oils are considered cosmetics. As such, it only makes sense that there would be some beauty benefits from them. Neroli oil is helpful in regards to improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks. But it’s not the only oil that will help. Use Rosemary in hair products to enjoy its warming, stimulating effects or try Peppermint for a delicious topical cooling effect. Cleanse and warm your skin with Thyme oil, and use Rose Absolute to balance mixed skin types. Use Frankincense and Helichrysum to improve the appearance of damaged skin. Chapped or cracked skin? Try some Patchouli oil to improve its appearance. Use Grapefruit oil as an astringent or add it to a facial scrub for an uplifting scent. Keep in mind that you’ll need to dilute the oils in a carrier oil before topical application.

For Wellness

The wellness benefits of various essential oils have been touted by thousands of people. You’ve probably heard a range of stories about the ways essential oils can help people live a better life. A significant portion of the wellness benefits of essential oils may be derived from their use in aromatherapy. Some oils have calming scents. Lavender oil is one of the most popular of those. Others may be more energizing, such as Lemon oil. Neroli oil can calm and uplift, so use it on a stressful day, or in a stressful situation. For example, take a whiff when you find yourself holding your breath during the next spelling bee.

If you want to pursue the benefits of essential oils, try diffusing them, soaking a cotton ball with them and placing it nearby to evaporate, or simply taking the lid off the bottle and taking a whiff. They can also be used during a massage for an extra relaxing effect.

Can You Spell Neroli?

For Cleanliness

A lot of people may find the idea of using harsh chemicals in their home to be less than savory, especially if they have young children. Not only can essential oils be a great help in making your home smell clean, but some of them can also help you clean your home at the same time. Citrus oils, like Neroli, have a clean smell to them, as does Pine. Citronella has been used in cleaning agents for ages, and Lemon has a variety of cleaning uses as well. Add essential oils to cleaners or include them in your own DIY cleaners to enjoy a fresh, clean smell.

For Mood Lifts

You may have been told that you are in control of how you feel and that no one can “make” you feel anything. While you definitely have an influence on how you feel, having an external influence that boosts your mood doesn’t hurt anything. There are plenty of essential oils whose aromatherapy benefits include a mood boost. Neroli is one of our favorites, but all citrus oils can be especially uplifting. Spearmint, Peppermint, and Cinnamon all have invigorating smells that can also be powerfully uplifting. You can use the same methods you would use to obtain the wellness benefits to experience a mood boost with essential oils.

As it turns out, there are a ton of different uses for and ways to incorporate Neroli oil (and our other essential oils) into your home. Whether you want to enhance your beauty, mood, general well-being, or improve the cleanliness of your home, Neroli’s got your back. Remember, essential oils are not meant to be a cure-all, or even necessarily a cure in general. They can, however, be a great way to help you live your best life as you incorporate them into your home.

Oh, and for the record, Neroli is colloquially pronounced Ner (like nervous) — o (like Oh no) — li (like lee). And spelled N-E-R-E-L-I. Wait, whoops. N-E-R-O-L-I.