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Think Essential Oils Are Just for Women? Think Again: Essential Oil Blends That Are Perfect for Hardworking Men

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What comes to mind when you think of someone using essential oils? For a lot of people, the image that pops up is likely that of a woman. Essential oils aren’t just for women though. There are a ton of different oils and blends out there, many of which are just as perfectly suited to hardworking men as they are to women.

Dragon’s Breath

Everyone’s been giving extra thought to their health lately. It’s only natural, given the circumstances. Though it sounds a bit macabre, our Dragon’s Breath essential oil blend is based on the recipe used by corpse robbers during the plague. This combination of cinnamon, lemon, clove, eucalyptus, peppermint, and oregano can be diffused or added to cleaning solutions, soaps, and sanitizers to provide a refreshing, protective scent.

bottle of Dragon's Breath lying in a potted succulent

Fire & Ice

Anyone who’s spent much time at all being physically active or participating in sports knows how important it is to keep muscles warm and limber. They also know the aches that come from working muscles harder to strengthen them. Whether your man does physical labor, works out, or is just active, he’s sure to benefit from regular massage experiences. You can enhance and elevate a massage with our Fire & Ice essential oil blend. It offers both warming and cooling effects when applied topically. It’s perfect for a Daddy/Mommy date night to give Dad a bit of well-earned attention.

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Life has been varying degrees of discouraging for so many people lately. Women have struggled in their careers as they’ve focused more on caring for children at home. Men have felt additional stressors from the responsibility that comes from working to provide for their families, often with less money coming in than normal. Everyone could use an extra dose of happiness in their life. For many, happy images involve warmth and light, something that can be evoked by scents as well. Citrusy scents in particular seem to bring to mind sunlight and cheerfulness. Lemon-Aid, our cheerful blend, offers lemon, mandarin, orange, and other citrusy scents for an uplifting experience to help combat what may otherwise feel like everyday gloominess.

bottle of Lemon-Aid on a counter with sliced lemon

Refreshing Wind

Working hard requires a certain degree of concentration and focus. As most people who need to focus hard can tell you, it gets exhausting to try to maintain high levels of focus constantly. It becomes easier to get distracted, which is harmful to productivity levels. To top it off, when you’re less productive, you’re more likely to stress about how much you aren’t getting done. Refreshing Wind is our focus blend that offers a warm, woodsy scent that is perfect for men.

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Men that work with their hands a lot may find that they get dry, cracked, and calloused over time. While callouses can be protective, the dryness and cracking that come with them are a vulnerability. Even those who don’t do intense labor with their hands may find that their skin is drier than usual thanks to the increase in handwashing. Soothing is a skin rejuvenation blend that can help improve the appearance of the skin with a combination of geranium, lavender, and helichrysum oils.

bottle of Soothing on rocks and sand

With Father’s Day just around the corner, figuring out just what to give the father in your life can be tough. The good news is that there are some fantastic Pure Essential Oil Blends that are especially suited for the needs of hardworking men. Give him the gift of essential oils specifically chosen for him to help him live his best life.