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Keeping Your Skin Healthy During Summer

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Summertime is officially here, along with the heat and intense rays from the sun. While that can make for the perfect day to be outdoors, all that heat and sun can take its toll on your skin. Anyone who wants to keep their skin looking healthy must take a proactive approach to protecting their skin during any time of the year, but especially when we are showing off our beach bodies.


Clean skin is the foundation for healthy skin. If your skin is clogged with sweat, dirt, and oils, it’s not going to be healthy, let alone look healthy. In fact, it’s a perfect recipe for an acne breakout, especially when combined with the summer heat.

Regularly cleansing your skin helps get rid of the various impurities that may be residing on your skin so you can take the next step towards happy, healthy, clear skin. For your face, that generally means at least once a day, preferably before you go to bed, so you aren’t sleeping in all that gunk.

Beyond that, the appropriate skin care regime depends on the type of skin you have. Those with oily skin or trouble spots might want to cleanse twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.

Once you’ve got your face squeaky clean, use Tea Tree essential oil on trouble spots, it’s great for clogged pores.


Your skin replaces itself on a regular basis, layer by layer. New layers are created beneath the existing ones, pushing them up towards the surface. Your body naturally discards the dead skin cells as they wear off and are no longer needed. Holding onto dead skin cells creates the appearance of dry, dull looking skin.

That’s where exfoliation comes in. You can use creams, scrubs, or brushes to help remove dead skin cells from the surface. This helps reduce the risk of acne, helps increase collagen production, helps your skin look brighter, and increases your skin’s ability to absorb topical products. But be careful! The skin on your face is extra sensitive and doesn’t always need extra exfoliating. We suggest using gentle oils during this process like Lavender, Frankincense, or Grapefruit.


Sunkissed skin may look beautiful, but overexposure to the sun’s rays can be harmful to the health of your skin. Sunscreen helps you avoid being sunburnt and protects you from damaging UVA and UVB sun rays.

Pay attention to your location’s UV rating and make sure you wear sunscreen if you’re going to be outside in the sun. Choose sunscreens that will provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays and follow the instructions for their use. Pay attention to when you need to reapply them as well. If you’re going to be outside for any length of time, it’s not likely to be a one-and-done thing, especially if you’ll be spending any time in the water.

Beat the heat with naturally cooling essential oils like Lemon, Peppermint, or Nature’s Fusions Icicle, a blend of mint and citrus for relief on hot summer days.

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Proper hydration is important for every single one of your body’s functions, including protecting your skin. When you are properly hydrated, your body is able to nourish your skin and remove waste products effectively.

Drinking enough water also helps maintain the elasticity of your skin, since it’s one of the key components of collagen. It will also help you avoid skin that appears dry and cracked, since you’ll be providing it with ample moisture. Interestingly enough, this may help you avoid oily skin as well, since your body won’t need to produce more oil to keep the skin moisturized.


Even if you’re careful about sunscreen and staying in the shade, you may find yourself dealing with a sunburn from time to time. Taking care of sunburned skin helps it recover more quickly and protects it from further damage. Take a cool bath or shower, lather up with aloe vera, drink extra water, or apply Nature’s Fusions Cooling Water for a skin cooling effect.

As your body’s largest organ, your skin needs some good attention. It’s what keeps bugs, germs, and all sorts of nasty from getting inside of you. Taking good care of your skin is part of the key to healthy, clear, youthful-looking skin. If you want it, you’ll have to put in the work for it.

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