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Scent Spotlight – Calming Core

calming core essential oil

The holiday season is upon us! This means people gathering for special days like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and more! Of course, no such holiday gathering would be complete without more food than anyone in their right mind could actually consume. Far too often, we find that our eyes are bigger than our stomachs, leading to overstuffing yourself and finding yourself feeling a certain degree of discomfort. So, what can you do about it?

The Blend

Calming Core is our digestive blend. A combination of peppermint, ginger, tarragon, anise, caraway, coriander, and fennel combine to soothe during tumultuous times. Peppermint is mentally relaxing and is both soothing and cooling when applied topically. Ginger Root is well known for its ability to bring balance and grounding, which can be helpful for a topsy turvy tummy. Anise has a fresh, sweet, spicy scent and offers a warming effect. Fennel oil contains phytoestrogens that are super awesome (look it up!). Some people have found that Tarragon and Coriander oils can help move things along. And the final ingredient, Caraway oil, creates a well-rounded essential oil blend for calming your core!


Calming Core offers a collection of essential oils for your stomach. It’s meant to offer relief both physically and mentally, since the last thing you need is to be down and out with a stomachache. You can use it via massage to take advantage of the topical effects that the essential oils in this blend can have on the stomach, or it can be used in a more aromatherapy-style way.


To massage the stomach, add some Calming Core to our Fractionated Coconut Oil in a 2-5% dilution. Apply a small amount to the stomach and begin the massage. Use a counterclockwise motion to follow the natural digestive pathway and help move things along in the stomach and intestines. If you’re doing it to yourself, you can gauge the pressure you use easily enough and make sure that it’s helpful, rather than making things worse. If you’re massaging someone else’s stomach, err on the side of caution with gentle touches and constant feedback from the recipient.

Ask anyone who’s ever smelled something particularly unpleasant. What we smell can have a huge impact on how we feel. Even smells that would normally be appealing can be enough to turn your stomach if you’re already feeling poorly. That happens all to easily if you happen to stuff yourself a little too much during holiday festivities. Calming Core can help. Its fresh, uplifting, and relaxing scent can soothe away stress and help overcome other scents that might make you not feel so good. Massage is the best way to take advantage of Calming Core’s effects, but that’s not always an option. If you’re in the middle of something, a massage might not be appropriate, you may not feel confident doing it, or the idea of even touching your stomach might be enough to exacerbate the issue. If a stomach massage isn’t a good idea, put a few drops on your hands instead. Then cup them over your nose and mouth and breathe in deeply. Your nose shares a close connection to your brain, which means that the scents you inhale should right the situation in short order.

Fall Food

With Thanksgiving right around the corner (and Christmas coming up around the next), you have a lot on your plate. There’s the menu to plan, the groceries to buy, the food to prepare and serve, and guests to entertain. The last thing you want to be dealing with is you or a guest (or both) having a stomachache because you ate too much. If an overly full stomach has someone feeling some tummy tumult, and the smell of all that food that’s left is causing it to turn, have some Calming Core on hand to help you avert an unpleasant holiday experience. Whether you choose the topical approach with a gentle tummy massage or a more aromatherapy-style approach, it’s good to have on hand for kids and adults alike to prevent those stomach flips from turning into something worse.