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Teacher Appreciation Got You Stumped? Gifts They Won’t Mind Receiving A Little Late

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Your children’s teachers deserve some pampering, so why not give them gifts they are sure to appreciate receiving, regardless of when they are given?

With life approaching, but not quite back to normal, things at home have probably been a little more hectic than usual. You’ve been busy, and we know how much of a struggle it can be to balance work life and home life. It’s completely understandable that things might slip through the cracks every now and again. Teacher appreciation week was the first week of May. If you forgot about it, not to worry. It’s never too late to show your children’s teachers you appreciate them, especially considering all the extra work they’ve done this pandemic year. Your children’s teachers deserve some pampering, so why not give them gifts they are sure to appreciate receiving, regardless of when they are given?

De-Stressor Kit

Stress levels have been higher than usual over the last year. If your stress levels have been high, think about what your children’s teachers are experiencing. They’re trying to work, just like you. They’ve had to adapt to a whole new way to do their jobs, just like you. Remember how short the attention span of young children can be? Try keeping their attention when you aren’t actually physically with them. You better believe your children’s teachers are feeling pretty stressed. Give them a homemade de-stressor kit that they can use to help wind down. You might include things like a fun massage ball or muscle roller, an iTunes gift card they can use to buy their favorite music to relax to, and a small collection of essential oils with relaxing scents along with a diffuser to use them with.

Self-Care Kit

Teachers work really hard to help your children learn. They give up their time to teach, and even more of their time outside of school to prepare and finetune lesson plans to create better learning experiences. They put your children first so often. Give back to them with a self-care kit. You might include gifts like a sugar scrub, bath salts, or massage oil. You can purchase these things from a store, or you can add a personal touch by making them yourself. Check out our DIY Spa Day post for the recipes. It’s easier than you might think!

Just remember, when selecting the essential oils you want to use, think about the ways different scents elicit feelings of relaxation, rejuvenation, improved energy, and more. Sugar scrubs can help exfoliate and moisturize the skin, leaving it with a healthy glow. All in all, this home-made self-care kit could be just the boost your children’s teachers need.

DIY Spa Day Kit

Getting to a spa takes time and money, both things that can be in short supply for teachers. Remember, their job doesn’t end when the bell rings. There’s still plenty of homework to grade, lessons to plan, and technology issues to troubleshoot. It’s common knowledge that teachers aren’t paid enough either. Give them a DIY Spa Day Kit that they can use to create their own personalized spa day. You provide the ingredients and the instructions in a cute, aesthetically attractive package, and they can take a weekend to treat themselves to an at-home spa experience designed just the way they want it. You can even overlap this with the self-care kit a little and provide ingredients to make things like the sugar scrub, bath salts, or their own moisturizing soap bar. Check out our DIY Spa Day post for the recipe!

Making and using the bath salts can be a great way to unwind and relax after a long, stressful day. Consider adding a small collection of essential oil vials that teachers can use to customize their own scents for a more personalized experience.

Pandemic Preparedness Kit

Just because things are getting closer to normal than they have been for a while doesn’t mean that we’re quite there yet. Teachers still need to make sure they can keep themselves healthy. While guidelines have loosened, it may still be necessary to wear masks, and keeping your hands clean and sanitized is always a good idea—pandemic or no pandemic. Put together a pandemic preparedness kit for your children’s teachers. Things like a new set of face masks, face mask cleansing sprays, a moisturizing hand sanitizer, or moisturizing soap can be great inclusions. Given how frequently hands should be washed, the extra moisturizing power can go a long way towards helping avoid painfully chapped and dry skin.

A moisturizing soap can be just what dry, stressed skin needs. Combined with the scents of the essential oils within the soap, the everyday stress your children’s teachers experience will start to wash down the drain along with the running water.

To give your gift that personal touch, consider making your own soap. You might be surprised by how easy it can be. Just follow our recipe here!

Teachers go through a lot to give your children the gift of education. You may have missed the official teacher appreciation week, but that doesn’t mean that it’s too late to give back to them. Any one of these kits will be a gift any teacher would love to receive, no matter what the occasion. Show them your appreciation by giving them the gift of relaxation from the comfort of their own home.

Don’t forget! Essential oils can be a great addition to any appreciation kit. Browse our selection of Pure Essential Oils to find the smells that teachers will rave about!