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Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Heaven

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Your home should be your haven. It’s meant to be a place of refuge from the rest of the world, a place where you can relax and find peace. That’s not always easy in today’s chaotic world, but it can be done, especially if you make deliberate, intentional efforts to make your home as good for you as it can be.

Part of what makes a home a comforting place is how it interacts with the senses. The level of light, the sounds of home, the comfort of carefully chosen furniture, and the familiar sights can all prove comforting. But how about smells? How do you want your home to smell? How does it smell right now? If there’s a bit of a discrepancy between those last two questions, don’t worry, there’s hope! The good news is that there’s plenty you can do to make your home smell absolutely wonderful.


Making your home smell nice starts with eliminating unwanted or unpleasant odors. Resist the temptation to just layer pleasing scents on top to try to mask them. It’s not going to work as well as you want. If you don’t like the smell of harsh chemicals or if you don’t feel comfortable using them around your house, there are plenty of more natural cleaners that you can use that smell amazing. You could even make your own. Lemon is a great natural cleanser and has a seriously uplifting scent too.


Who doesn’t love the smell of baked goods wafting through the house? While specific preferences will differ from person to person, baking has a way of filling a home with mouthwatering aromas. The beauty of using baking to make your home smell lovely is that you can enjoy the scent while whatever you choose to bake is in the oven and as it lingers after you’ve finished. This sweet solution gives you the added benefit of a delicious treat that you can enjoy at your leisure. Don’t want the sugar for yourself? Build some goodwill with your neighbors and drop it off at someone’s door. Burn everything you attempt to bake? Try some of the next ideas to get fresh scents into the air without having to call the fire department.

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Diffusing can be a great way to infuse the air with whatever scent you like. It’s one of the most popular ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. Not only will the room be filled with something you love, but you’ll also be able to enjoy that oil’s aromatherapy benefits.

You can choose a single oil or a blend. When blending, choose oils with similar or complementary effects. A calming oil and an energizing one probably won’t be very effective when combined. Run the diffuser for 20-30 minutes to fill the air. Keep it running through the day or turn it on every hour or two for maximum smell coverage. Here are some of our favorites: lavender to calm and soothe, grapefruit to uplift and energize, wintergreen to refresh and motivate.


Some people may prefer candles or incense over diffusing oils or other aromatherapy methods. Indeed, the flickering of a candle flame and the curl of the smoke from an incense stick can be mesmerizing to watch, and the scents they give off can be deliciously enjoyable. If you choose any method that involves flames to make your home smell good, make sure you do so safely. Place candles or incense in well-ventilated areas and on surfaces that are flat, stable, and have nothing dangling over them. Remember not to leave flames unattended.


Maybe burning things isn’t really your style but you have gotten a diffuser. In that case, you might try steaming some aroma into the air. Put a pot of water on to simmer. Add some potpourri or a couple drops of your favorite essential oil. Slices of lemon and other fruits, herbs, and spices can all be added to create a custom scent that’s all you. Feel free to mix and match depending on what you like and what you have on hand. Like candles, it’s best to not leave the stove unattended.

It’s hard for your home to be a refuge if it smells like refuse. Even if it doesn’t smell quite that bad (and let’s be honest, most people’s homes don’t), finding ways to actively make your home smell amazing is a great way to help you and your guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

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