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Citrus Cleaning Power

Citrus Cleaning Power

What isn’t there to love about citrus fruit? It is vibrant and bright, it looks beautiful when sliced, it adds flavor to delicious foods, and it has a multitude of practical uses. You may not know it yet, but these tangy fruits are also about to become your best friend when it comes to cleaning […]

Hand Sanitizer | Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer

Scent Spotlight – Hand Sanitizer

You don’t have time to get sick! Not when life is picking up at break-neck speed with the onset of Spring. In fact, you’ve got to be at the top of your game for the foreseeable future. That is why you should always have a bottle of Nature’s Fusions hand sanitizer spray on you. Need […]

Scent Spotlight Thyme

Scent Spotlight – Thyme

When you think of thyme, you might be taken back to the bright, slightly floral smell wafting through the kitchen on roast chicken day at Grandma’s house. Thyme is a relatively small herb, but it packs a powerful punch. Not only is thyme a popular and versatile flavoring, but it has protective properties, giving it […]

Best Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning

Best Essential Oils for Spring Cleaning

Winter is like a houseguest. At first, you welcome her excitedly and delight in her many joys. The cold of the season makes the holidays feel cozier, and you just want to stay indoors, sipping on hot cocoa and cuddling up with a good book. But then the holidays are over, you have consumed far […]

soap bubbles on hand

Prepare for Back-to-School Germs

The new school year is upon us. School is a wonderful opportunity for learning and growth in so many aspects of life. There’s the practical brain stretching, of course, but there is also social and emotional growth that takes place. Unfortunately, not all growth is a good thing. With hordes of sweaty, emotional, sneezy children, […]

classroom with desks chairs and blackboard

Back to School Tips

It’s hard to believe it, but the new school year is upon us! The beginning of a new year is packed with a ton of things to do, purchases to make, and schedules to line up. It can get a bit overwhelming if you leave everything to the last minute. Do yourself a favor and […]

Scent Spotlight: Dragon’s Breath

Scent Spotlight: Dragon’s Breath

The Blend Dragon’s Breath is our protective blend. We formulated it based on an ancient recipe and we updated it to be more in line with modern research. High quality essential oils can have beneficial properties that may help elevate various aspects of life. Some relax, others enliven, and more improve the appearance of the […]

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Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Heaven

Your home should be your haven. It’s meant to be a place of refuge from the rest of the world, a place where you can relax and find peace. That’s not always easy in today’s chaotic world, but it can be done, especially if you make deliberate, intentional efforts to make your home as good […]

plant in pot

A Guide for Using Essential Oils in Your Gardening

Gardening is a wonderful hobby. It provides you with the opportunity to grow the produce you love and gives you control over what pesticides find their way onto your food. Pesticides do have an important role to play in protecting your garden from pests, but if chemical products have you concerned, essential oils may be […]

fresh lemons on a cutting board and Nature's Fusions lemon

Lemon: An Essential Natural Spring Cleaning Ingredient

In case the warmer weather, chirping birds, and budding plants haven’t quite registered, we’re well into springtime at this point. In fact, we’re about ⅔ of the way through it. That means you’re running out of time to do your spring cleaning! Do you have the supplies you need? You might be surprised to find […]