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The powerful warming and cooling ingredients in Fire & Ice join forces to produce an effect that’s simultaneously energizing and calming. Rather than working against each other, the elements of the blend collaborate to create a solution that can promote clear-headedness, soothe tired or injured muscles and promote instant calming.   Fire: Marjoram’s heating effects contribute to the warming sensation that can be felt after applying the Fire & Ice Blend. Aches associated with old age, everyday pains and sports injuries are soothed with marjoram’s heating properties. Wintergreen oil, which is made from steam-distilling the leaves of the gaultheria procumbens...

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Essential Oils, Eucalyptus, Scent Spotlight -

Eucalyptus is a highly popular scent that has been used for centuries. Its many positive aspects and applications help make it one of our most-loved essential oils. Read on to learn more about this invigorating -- yet soothing -- multitasker!   Eucalyptus Radiata There are many (more than 700!) types of eucalyptus, each of which has a different essential oil. The eucalyptus used by Nature’s Fusions comes from a species known as eucalyptus radiata. Most people are familiar with a closely-related species called eucalyptus globulus, which is frequently found in medicinal treatments. Nature’s Fusions carries eucalyptus radiata because it has...

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