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Prepare for Back-to-School Germs

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The new school year is upon us. School is a wonderful opportunity for learning and growth in so many aspects of life. There’s the practical brain stretching, of course, but there is also social and emotional growth that takes place. Unfortunately, not all growth is a good thing. With hordes of sweaty, emotional, sneezy children, school is one giant petri dish for germs to grow. Think about it – all those kids bumping elbows, close together, sharing summer stories of vacations, trips, and adventures each their own. Look out into the crowd and you’ll see thousands of kids each with their own immunity strengths and weaknesses, some carrying harmless bacteria, others hosting living illnesses just waiting to jump to the next person.

So, what are you gonna do? After all, no one likes being sick.

Soap and Sanitizer

You might have noticed our recent encouragement to wash hands frequently and completely. The line of hand sanitizing stations, the travel-size sanitizers in every available crack and crevice. We’ve been told over and over in the past year to wash your hands, and this time we listened. Because of this, you might have noticed that sniffle season was impressively mild this year. While there are plenty of factors at play, the extra hand washing and sanitizing did its job. So why stop? Keeping your hands clean and sanitized plays a key role in protecting one’s health. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. You need to keep your hands clean. Stock up on good soaps and sanitizers that you and your family want to use. Your children should have access to soap and sanitizer at school, but do they use it? Find a hand sanitizer that you LOVE, and get travel sized bottles that you can send to school with them. Don’t know where to start? We’ve got Hand Sanitizer right here, just a click away! Try it with our protective blend Dragon’s Breath.


A healthy body starts with a sufficiently nourished body. Make sure to incorporate healthy meals and dietary needs to start with a healthy immune system, instead of a compromised one. Sure they taste good, but are Rice Krispy treats and cookies really going to help fight off infection? Help support your family’s normal body functions by sticking with healthy meals and snacks. Make sure your kids eat enough food and drink enough water so that they can have bodies energized enough to keep them from getting sick.

bowl of vegetables


Even the best hand washing and sanitizing practices are no guarantee against illness. You and your family could be doing everything right and someone might still get sick. Colds are one of the most common illnesses that get passed around, especially in schools, and trying to get through one without any tissues—well I wouldn’t wish that on my greatest enemy. We aren’t advocating that you start hoarding tissues the way everyone seemed to be going after toilet paper last year, but it wouldn’t hurt to stock up a little. Look for travel-friendly ones to stick in cars and backpacks or make your own! Pull a small stack out of a normal box of tissues, throw it in a designated place and put in a small waterproof/plastic bag or old wipes container to avoid the disintegrated tissue issue.  Buy in bulk to save yourself money and the trouble of handling individual tissue boxes. Bonus points if you get ones that are soft and gentle on noses.

At Home

Like we’ve mentioned in our blogs before, it’s important to keep your home clean! Take that same dragon’s breath hand sanitizer and use it to sanitize frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs, handles, tables, and counters. Keep out unwanted intruders (like germs) by keeping your house clean. Diffuse Dragon’s Breath, or another protective oil, in high traffic areas in your home like the kitchen, study space, and living room. This protective blend is designed to give you peace of mind when it comes to germs, bacteria, and more. Let the oils go to work without you worrying about friends coming over.

Back-to-school germs are a year occurrence, but that exactly why you can take action now to prepare, you’ve been expecting them. Picking up supplies that can help prevent and navigate pesky germs can go a long way towards that peace of mind you’ve been seeking. And you can strive to protect the health of everyone in your home. Check out our products for cleaning for some more ideas.